Startup and SOHO Services

Get the Best for the Least
Our services for Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) and Startup companies give even the smallest companies the call routing advantages of the largest enterprises in the world. With our VPBX-5 phone service, you pay just pennies a day and get all the features of a high end PBX. With no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade, our service offers huge cost advantages over other approaches. Give your startup a PBX service that includes all the features you need to compete effectively, or send calls to a home office with a home PBX service that will give your callers a professional, “big-business” image. It’s all part of a SOHO PBX phone system from SabiaPBX. Here are some of the features that can help you most.


Professional Image

We answer your calls with a custom auto-attendant greeting that oozes professionalism. Crafted by our in-house voice professionals, your greeting will tell callers who you are in a big way — and give routing options that will impress them with your capabilities. With features like TrueACD™ queuing, a dial-by-name directory, music or information-on-hold, and integrated conferencing, you’ll project a powerful image to every caller. And you don’t have to hire a receptionist!

Getting SOHO phone service from SabiaPBX means eliminating the up-front costs for hardware PBX equipment. Current industry estimates indicate that a hardware PBX system has an up-front capital cost of $000 to $0,000 per user for the PBX, installation, initial support, telephones and lines. Telephone service from SabiaPBX costs nothing to set up with monthly service fees as low as $0.00. You will still need telephones and lines, but since we can route calls anywhere, you can use existing home phones, or cell phones. We can even enable you to set up a “virtual office” with no central office space, saving you money on rent, utilities, and more.
affordable upgrade path
Many small businesses change PBX equipment every two years or so, as they grow. They trade in a home PBX for a small business PBX. Then they trade that for a larger system. Each time they outgrow their old system, they are forced to pay huge upgrade or replacement fees. Our SOHO PBX customers start with very low costs, and can upgrade to the Small Business and Corporate services without the cost of equipment changes. There’s just a modest fee for changing plans, and you only pay for what you need, never buying too much or too little capability.
features, features, features
Our SOHO PBX phone system works just like our larger systems, and offer all of the same features. Unlike competing systems that make you pay extra for a dial-by-name directory, or email delivery of voice and fax mail, we include our full range of enhanced features at no additional cost.
Whether you’re looking for a home PBX, or a Startup or SOHO PBX phone service, Virtual PBX® can be just right. Our VPBX-5 service is meant for companies of five people or less, and costs less than our larger systems. Take a look at our plan comparison to see all the features that are included with each service, or call us at (888) 800-0800.