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With SabiaPBX, you get the most advanced and fully featured phone system in the industry. A system that is ultra-reliable and supported by highly trained staff here in Canada from our Cambridge location and in California for our US operations. SabiatechPbx is a system that will save you money and enable you to focus on your business, not your business phone system.

Two ways to use

Get a complete phone system that includes business VoIP phones and inbound and outbound calling, or keep your existing phones and use our reliable, professional, and fully featured SabiaPBX to route callers and handle voicemail. Or you can blend your usage and do both.

Two ways to save

We have two calling plans, flat-rate and usage-based. For most companies, the flat-rate plan will save you money and allow you to know exactly how much you’ll be spending on your phones every month. For businesses that don’t use the phone much, our usage-based plans will save you money over a traditional phone plan. Both calling plans work with both standard phones and business VoIP phones.
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